Positive experience

We would like to present our partners and share their experience about cooperation with Tenfore.


Goran Stepić, entrepreneur
Exchange Office TRI OKS, Požarevac

Our cooperation with Tenfore started at the end of 2015. It is constantly being expanded and improved owing to Tenfore’s conditions that enable fast, easy and quality service of Western Union as well as to the capacities of Tri Oks Exchange Office to extend the service in the best possible way to its clients.

In addition to Western Union service, as a Tenfore agent, Tri Oks Exchange Office also provides payment operations services - and I believe that the number of services will increase in the future. The fact that Tri Oks Exchange Office even now, after two years of cooperation, is sure that it will continue collaborating with Tenfore after the Agreement expiry, confirms that this cooperation really is successful.

Uno Siki Exchange Office started cooperating with TENFORE in 2015 with a promise that the volume of business would increase considerably. After introducing Western Union service, I started doing exchange operations through Tenfore, and afterwards added payment operations services as well.

The volume of business tripled and I am immensely grateful for all they have done for me. Their politeness, friendliness, and what’s more, the responsible business practice, made me decide, without thinking twice, to continue doing business with them even after the Agreement expires, because they keep their word. 

Not only have they fulfilled everything they promised, but they also went out of their way and did so much more for me, even beyond the contracted obligations. Not to mention that they have always been there for me to solve every problem I faced in the shortest time. So, I can honestly say that cooperation with TENFORE was the best choice I could make for my business.


Siniša Mladenović, entrepreneur
Exchange Office UNO SIKI, Leskovac


Dragana Jokić
Eldorado Exchange

Cooperation with Tenfore is a real pleasure.

Owing to the cooperation with them, Eldorado locations offer Western Union services, and our clients can quickly, easily and safely receive and send money and use the payment operations services as well.

It’s also important to mention Tenfore Customer Service Center, which is always available to our employees and clients – the users of Western Union and payment operations services.


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