Western Union® Online Money Transfer Capabilities Now Live in Serbia

Western Union, a leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement, in association with TENFORE, a leading financial service provider has enabled online money transfers in Serbia with the launch of westernunion.rs, offering customers the choice and convenience to send money to more than than 200 countries and territories 24/7.

Western Union’s online service enables customers to easily pay for their transactions with their credit and debit cards issued in Serbia, for seamless payout into billions of bank accounts worldwide or via Western Union’s more than half a million Agent locations worldwide.

“As customers become increasingly digital and mobile-savvy, they are demanding more choice, self-service and fast money transfer. Over the last few years, Western Union has undergone a dramatic digital transformation, driving a multi-layer digital strategy allowing customers to complete their transactions online. Today, Western Union’s digital business has seen continued double-digit growth, and now 70 percent of digital transactions originate on mobile devices,” said Nogay Kanpolat, Regional Director Southeast Europe, Western Union.

“With TENFORE, we are excited to be continually innovating, ensuring that we’re one step ahead to meet our customers changing needs,” added Kanpolat.

To commemorate the launch, Western Union has announced transfer fees starting from RSD 700 for sending online. Customers in Serbia can send up to RSD 200,000 a day, online. 

In addition to sending money online, customers still have the choice to access these retail locations to send money transfers in person, reflecting the commitment of the company to empower and enhance customers’ money transfer experience - by providing true choice and more options to connect to their families and friends around the world.

“Our collaboration with Western Union began in 2008, and today TENFORE offers Western Union® money transfer services in over 2,000 of our locations. With this service expansion, we are excited to provide customers with instant access to global money transfer services, right at their fingertips. Western Union is a company with strong global reach, covering both digital and retail cross-border money movement. This new digital channel will connect more people across borders than ever before and give them the flexibility, reliability and access to services they need,” said Andrijana Dragicevic, director, TENFORE.

TENFORE becomes the general sponsor of TENFORE Road Arrow

Mario Miljuš, Managing Director of TENFORE and representatives of Road Arrow have signed an Agreement of Sponsorship, confirming that over the next two years TENFORE will provide support to the students in constructing a most modern prototype of a racing car on the model of Formula 1. .

This year’s participation in competitions in which the future engineers are going to weigh their knowledge with colleagues from all over the world has been made possible owing to the support provided by TENFORE Payment Institution. Mario Miljuš pointed out that TENFORE would help the students to overcome all the challenges and achieve their goal in making the first Serbian electronic car.

Over 50 students from eight faculties of Belgrade University were involved in making the latest bolide of TENFORE Road Arrow formula which is going to take part in two coming international Formula Student competitions in Italy and the Chech Republic. The team members have invested over 50.000 hours in this project and created the fastest model of a formula, ever designed and constructed in Belgrade, which accelerates from rest to 100km/ hour in maximum 4 seconds.  

A new most technologically advanced model of bolide was presented at at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade on June 11th, 2018. On that occasion, the Managing Director of TENFORE, Mario Miljuš said:

„Speed and security are the two key words representing the essence of TENFORE business while at the same time this is what TENFORE Road Arrow Team actually is the best at. Just as we in TENFORE are oriented to digital transformation and implementation of electronic payment services, in the same way we support these young people in achieving their goals, and above all in making the first Serbian electronic car. And while waiting for this to be realized, with honour and pride we say – Serbia also has its formula today.“

The leader of TENFORE Road Arrow Team, the leading regional team in constructing formula one, Miljana Stojanović, a student, stressed that her team has a good basis for starting work on an electronic car since in the season of 2016 they made a concept of an electronic car which won them 3rd place at the competition in Italy.

„This season, the same as in all previous seasons, every team member has invested great energy in the process of making a new vehicle, which has been proved with numerous innovations of this year’s formula racing car. However, despite all the effort, the biggest problem was a lack of financial support which, owing to TENFORE company, has now been overcome. The support from TENFORE has helped us not only this year, but its contribution will be especially important in the following stage of developing the formula one car. “


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