TENFORE payment services

TENFORE gives you an opportunity to make additional profit, without new investments, and expand the range of your services through cooperation with TENFORE Payment Institution.

Become our agent and join TENFORE network of over 400 agents. Improve your business operations and increase profit by providing your clients money transfer service and fast and easy payment of bills.

Support available at all times

The company consists of a few sectors which are constantly, 365 days of a year, available to our agents. Marketing Department is aimed at maintaining the trust of the existing clients and winning new ones, while the Sales Department is engaged in expanding the network of agents. Call service centre is at disposal to all counter clerks and end users of money transfer services. Finance Department is responsible for the company’s stability, and Department for Implementation of Regulations and Consumer Protection is in charge of use and implementation of all the laws and prescribed procedures. Finally, our business operations rely on the knowledge and experience of the employees in the Development Department and for that reason our services and support are state-of-the-art technology indeed.

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