Payment Services

Through a single point of access, TENFORE enables its clients to better serve their customers both in Serbia and across borders, providing a flexible, compliant, globally available, managed payment service that is future-proofed to enable new innovation and respond to regulatory change.

Whether you are a Bank, a Money Transfer Organization, a merchant acquirer, a gateway, or any of the many new and emerging global payment providers, TENFORE provides a cost effective, highly flexible and compliant means of making payments globally on behalf of your customers or directly to suppliers or global sub-merchants.

As customer requirements change, TENFORE helps its clients adapt. Our services support established use cases such as corporate payments and collections and money transfers and provide new strategic opportunities in high growth segments such as the sharing economy and ecommerce.

Through TENFORE system, clients can deploy new products quickly and scale their businesses into new markets, focusing on their brand and their customer service, while leaving the infrastructure in the background to do the job.


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