Poštovani korisnici,

Obaveštavamo Vas da je od 15.3.2018 na snazi izmenjen cenovnika za prenos novčanih sredstava.


It is now possible to pay the public utilities bills of EPS Snabdevanje, PUC Infostan, and the like, at over 600 TENFORE locations.

You will save time and all the services will be provided quickly and safely.

  • Electricity bills, PUC Infostan, mobile operator bills, cable TV provider bills etc.
  • Tuition fees, dues and taxes
  • Money transfer to any bank account

Pricelist for bill payments service

Payments to payment account (Except contract payment) Fees
For payment amount up to 1,000.00 RSD 50.00 RSD
For the amount of payment over 1,000.01 RSD to 5,000.00 RSD 60.00 RSD
For the amount of payment over 5,000.01 RSD to 300,000.00 RSD +1.0% of the amount of payment + 20.00 RSD
For the amount of payment over 300,000.00 RSD +1.0% of the amount of payment + 35.00 RSD,
maximum 5.150,00 RSD
Turnover payments for legal entities
and entrepreneurs
0.5 % of the payment amount minimum
100.00 RSD, maximum 2,000.00 RSD
Loan installment payments of individuals to 3Bank
For payment amount up to 5,000.00 RSD50.00 RSD
For the amount of payment over
5,000.01 to 500,000.00 RSD
0.8% of the payment amount
For the amount of payment over 500,000.00 RSD4,000.00 RSD
An urgent order is charged additionally 200.00 RSD

When fees are expressed as a percentage, the base for calculating the fee is the amount of the transaction.

Fees are VAT exempt according to the Law on VAT, Clause 25.

Payment Schedule

Payments to payment accountReception TimeExecution time
Until 16:00hSame bussines day
Emergency paymentsReception TimeExecution time
Until 17:00hSame bussines day

Business day is every working day or part of a working day when payment transactions are executed. Saturday, Sunday, public and religious holidays in Republic of Serbia are not considered to be working days.

Payment orders received after given times will be executed on the following business day.

If circumstances allow, TENFORE will recieve and execute payment transactions after given times on the same business day.

Valid from January 16th, 2023


Contact form

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Phone:+381 11 333 4 999
Phone:+381 11 400 4 999
Working days and Saturdays:
07:00 - 20:00

On Sundays:
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