As a payments institution regulated by the National Bank of Serbia, Tenfore operates a robust and highly sophisticated compliance function at the service of the company, its clients, and partners.

Tenfore’s service is transparent, secure, predictable and compliant. Our partners and clients benefit from our expertise in managing safe market entry, including licenses, registrations, local partnerships and physical presence. Our payments expertise ensures that all payments meet the myriad technical, due diligence and screening requirements of all the jurisdictions they touch upon. We negotiate the inevitable conflicts between the various regime requirements and even the risk appetites of the many players in any end-to-end payments chain.

Tenfore demands that its compliance function is an expert trusted advisor to the business, overseeing a robust, integrated and effective compliance risk control framework. Tenfore understands that compliance is core to the offering; it is at the heart of what we do. We are not just about safely servicing client payments across their current business footprint, but we enable and support clients who want to expand in other ways.

Tenfore safeguards clients funds through prefunded client segregated accounts held with authorized credit institutions.


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