Network Management

TENFORE has a growing Payment Network of over 2,200 pay in/payout locations where we deliver payments through local and international clearing systems.  Our team of experts works closely with regulators, central bank, and our bank partners to ensure our service is compliant, resilient and continuously improving at pace with local developments.  We monitor and manage change in payments so that your organization doesn’t need to.

TENFORE engages with local bank partners to effect low-cost delivery/receipt of payments on behalf of its clients via ‘in-territory’ banking services. This extensive banking network provides access to local clearing systems for domestic payments.

TENFORE is committed to establishing bi-directional partnerships with banks as both facilitating members of and participants in the Payments Network. We want to bring value to each organization we work with.  We have a proven track record of working in this way with banks around the world, both large and small. The methodology we use permits an easy, low-cost, flexible, and compliant flow of business.


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