Protection of consumer rights and interests


If you believe that the Payment Institution does not adhere to the law provisions and other regulations that regulate payment services, or to general terms of business and good business practices, you have the right to make a written complaint to us. Submission of a complaint and the response to it are free of charge.
The deadline for the submission of a written complaint is three years from the day when your right or interest was violated. The Payment Institution is not obliged to consider a complaint received after the given deadline. However, it can be considered and/or accepted if the Payment Institution holds that it is justified.
A complaint may be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • In person at the Payment Institution Agent’s permises

  • By mail to the following address: Tenfore d.o.o. Belgrade Payment Institution, Dobračina 60, 11000 Belgrade

  • By e-mail to prigovori(at)

  • By filling out contact form on this page

A complaint has to contain the data that clearly describe your relationship with the Payment Institution which is the subject of your complaint (e.g. the number of money transfer or order for payment of funds) as well as the reasons for submitting a complaint.
Payment Institution is obliged to handle your complaint – to consider it and send a written response to you within 15 days latest from the day of the receipt of the complaint. In exceptional circumstances, if the Payment Institution is unable to send a response in the given time, due to objective reasons beyond its control, the deadline can be prolonged by maximum 15 days. A written notification will be sent to you within 15 days from the day of the receipt of the complaint informing you about the reasons for the deadline prolongation and stating the final deadline for sending a response.
If you are dissatisfied with the response to the complaint or a response has not reached you within the given deadline, before starting legal proceedings, you have the right to file a written complaint with the National Bank of Serbia within six months from the day of the response receipt or from the day of the deadline expiry for a response submission.
You may file a written complaint to the National Bank of Serbia by mail to the following address: Department for Financial Consumer Protection, Nemanjina 17, Belgrade or Post-office box 712 Belgrade, or by email to zastita.korisnika(at) Along with the complaint, you should also file to the National Bank of Serbia a copy of the complaint sent to the Payment institution, its response (if any) and the documentation based on which claims expressed in the complaint may be evaluated.


Contact Form for Complaints

Contact Form for Complaints

Contact form

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