Our agent network is constantly growing

TENFORE has been a Western Union Official Agent since 2001. As of 28th of September 2015, TENFORE has been registered as the first Payment Institution in the Republic of Serbia. We aim to offer support to our agents in all segments of operations and ensure they attain a good quality of their business. Innovations, process improvements and strengthening client relationships, made it possible for our agent network to grow constantly. 

Three in One

Today, in the Republic of Serbia, we have over 400 agents – the Post Office of Serbia, banks and exchange offices – through which we provide receiving and sending money services worldwide as well as all local payment transactions in over 2000 agent locations.

Through cooperation with TENFORE, without big investments,  you too can get an opportunity to widen the scope of your business activities by introducing new services or upgrading the existing ones.

1.  Western Union

The experience of TENFORE company will help you to join Western Union Network in the shortest time possible and, by expanding your business operations with a prestigious service, make additional profit and win new clients.

2.  Payment operations

Through cooperation with TENFORE, enable your clients to settle their bill payments (utilities, tuition fees, taxes etc.) quickly and safely at your counters.

3.  Foreign Exchange Software

If you do foreign exchange operations, TENFORE allows you to use one of the most advanced softwares available in the European market – XPOS.

XPOS is adjusted to exchange offices of different sizes – from those with one foreign exchange location to big systems, while the various privileges that can be given to the software users, help you to gain more control over your locations and protect the confidential data.

We offer the following advantages:

  • 3 in 1 – three services integrated in one application

  • Speed – transactions processed in seconds*

  •  The biggest agent network – more than 2000 locations offering Western Union service and over 400 locations providing payment operations service.

  •  Real time settlement – paid out money transfers are settled to agents in real time.

  •  Customer Service Center support – trained operators available to provide support while processing transactions

  •  Software Solutions – our own company develops easy-to-use application solutions

  •  Accuracy – error probability minimized

  •  Branding – Branding your location according to TENFORE and Western Union standards

* A payment operations transaction is completed in seconds when a bar code reader is available at the retailer’s - otherwise it takes less than a minute.


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