A trusted company

TENFORE d.o.o. Belgrade payment Institution is a leading company in the reagion in the field of payment services.

TENFORE has a long experience dating back to 2001 when TENFORE became Western Union Agent for providing international money transfer services, and in 2015 the company became the first payment institution in Serbia.

TENFORE provides money transfer services and local payment services in over 2,300 locations through a network of its agents. In all circumstances we aim to use our potentials, knowledge, innovation together with valuable global experience of Western Union.

Key reasons for success and main factors for development which give TENFORE a competitive edge are:

  • High quality network of agents;
  • Highly professional staff;
  • Unique software application solutions developed within the company.


Today we have over 600 agents – apart from the Post of Serbia locations and API Bank, there are also over 1,000 counters in the selected exchange offices and other legal entities.

One step ahead of others

For our agents, we secured an excellent market position both regarding the competition and the highest European quality of service by extending different kinds of support. Western Union longtime global expertise together with our knowledge and experience made it possible for us to ensure the top position for Western Union brand and become the leading payment institution in the region. Now, we are going further.

Support at all times

The company consists of a few sectors which are constantly, 365 days of a year, available to our agents. Marketing is aimed at maintaining the trust of the existing clients and winning new ones, while the Sales is engaged in expanding the network of agents. Customer Service Center is at disposal to all counter clerks and end users of money transfer services. Finance Department is responsible for the company’s stability, while AML Department is in charge of use and implementation of all the laws and prescribed procedures. Finally, our business operations rely on the knowledge and experience of the employees in the Development Department and for that reason our services and support are state-of –the –art technollogy indeed.


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