Validation and Transformation

Tenfore makes the complexity of managing different payment file format requirements, a thing of the past.  Whether you make and receive payments in SWIFT MT and MX, US IAT, ISO20022, or a client’s own proprietary format, we can manage the transformation with ease. Tenfore has the expertise to support and advise on file and data structures through a myriad of local and domestic schemes regardless of varying requirements.

Tenfore has built a range of country-specific checks and validations into payment processing, including module checks on account numbers, referential checking on beneficiary bank details, enrichment of beneficiary bank data and other proprietary checks on transactional structures.

These checks ensure that wherever possible, transactions are only submitted if they contain all the data needed to be successfully delivered.  The best way to ensure good client experience is to make sure that the details are right at the start.


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